Target Lets Customers “Skip the Line”

Don’t hurt me, I’m here to check you out

Thanksgiving/Black Friday is the busiest (and occasionally most violent) shopping day of the year. To cut down on long check-out lines, Target will send roving cashiers around its stores to complete customer purchases with handheld payment devices.

What could go wrong?

A more civil Black Friday

“Skip the Line” — Target’s name for the nifty new checkout process — will allow customers to pay for their purchases anywhere in the store. Target indicated it will station mobile cashiers at its busiest aisles beginning Thanksgiving Day at 5 p.m.

For those in a rush (everyone), “Skip the Line” will be a new experience. Instead of lugging that Star Wars Lego set or that 65-inch smart curved UHD TV to the checkout line in the front of the store, shoppers will have the opportunity to queue closer to the shelves. Whether any lines will actually be “skipped” is strictly theoretical at this point.

Prepare yourselves, workers of Target

Store employees who have worked past Black Fridays have relayed the intense preparation undertaken by stores and workers for the annual event. Walmart employees reportedly have trained using a Black Friday virtual reality simulator — technology that could prove useful for Target’s mobile cashiers as they prepare for the Black Friday swarms.

Target’s Chief Executive, Brian Cornell, said the new checkout procedure is part of Target’s aspiration to be “America’s easiest and most enjoyable place to shop.”

Take that, Amazon!

Already, Target ranks consistently as one of the best places to shop on Black Friday. “Skip the Line,” if it works, should only add to that good reputation.

Hopefully, the day is as enjoyable for employees as it is for customers. To all Target team members, and especially those checking out customers around the store, remember: THIS IS TARGET!!!!!!!


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