T-Mobile is Shutting Down Network for Older Phones

T-Mobile recently announced that several older phones will no longer connect to T-Mobile’s network.

The mobile company announced in a support document that over a dozen older devices will be unable to receive the enhancement due to a network update and will be unable to connect. The network update is set to happen on Jan. 29.

“As a result of a network update going into place on 1/29/2021, we identified a small number of older devices that are not able to receive a manufacturer software update, and as a result, these devices will be unable to establish a network connection. T-Mobile and Metro customers utilizing these older devices will lose all network connectivity if they do not replace their device,” read the company’s statement.

Initially, there were suspicions that the disconnecting of the older devices from the network was tied to the long-awaited mandatory VoLTE support associated with T-Mobile’s legacy network shutdown. However, the company assured consumers that the VoLTE support was not related to the impending network change.

Both the AT&T Galaxy Note 4 and the Verizon Galaxy Note 4 that are T-Mobile branded will not be cut off from the network update but will need a software update. Additionally, the Arlo Security Camera System may be impacted by the update, but T-Mobile is currently working on a potential solution with Arlo.

According to Android Police, T-Mobile will be offering free replacement devices to the impacted customers. Customers will be able to pick from one of four devices: the Samsung Galaxy A21, Galaxy A11, Alcatel GO FLIP 3, and T-Mobile REVVL 4. There are also reports that there will be special offers for the impacted customers, such as a $150 off promotion.

Android Police also reported that the loss of connectivity will impact Sprint customers with older devices as well. While these individuals will not experience total network loss, they will lose their ability to roam on T-Mobile’s network.

The list of phones that will no longer operate on T-Mobile’s network can be found below:

  • AT&T Galaxy Note Edge
  • HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle
  • HTC Desire 650
  • Google Nexus 9
  • Huawei Mate 8
  • Huawei P9
  • Mikrotikls SIA R11e-LTE6
  • OnePlus 1
  • Quanta Computer Inc Quanta DragonIR7
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos
  • Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
  • Sony Xperia Z3
  • Sony Xperia Z3 Orion
  • Sony D6616 Xperia Z3 Orion
  • Soyea Mobile Communication Equipment Co Ltd SOYEA M02
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