Super Food for a Super Bowl


Americans who planned to watch the Super Bowl planned to spend an average of $81.30 on their celebrations, according to a national survey. Since the game was kind of a snoozer, one wonders if any big spenders experienced buyer’s remorse.

Total spending by American adults related to the Big Game was expected to be around $14.8 billion, according to a survey commissioned by the National Retail Federation. That’s a lot of chicken wings and guac.

Big game, big spending

Per-person, spending expectations for Super Bowl LIII (that’s “53” for anyone who struggles with Roman numerals) were nearly the same as last year. Overall, planned Super Bowl spending has increased by nearly 60 percent since 2007, peaking in 2016 when consumers said they would spend $82.19 each for a total of roughly $15.5 billion.

50 best foods and appetizers

The survey didn’t break spending into categories, but it does suggest food and libation purchases are on the rise. Of the 7,400 adults surveyed by the National Retail Federation, a full 7 percent said the most important part of the Super Bowl was the food (43 percent said the game).

In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, several news outlets published articles on the Super Bowl food phenomenon. Today released a list of the “50 Best Super Bowl Foods and Appetizers.” Some are more controversial than others (“Parmesan Kale Chips?” Really?).

Other outlets released similar articles. Chicken wings seems to be the consensus No. 1.

Granola bars and lentil soup?

Generating as much controversy as anything that happened during the actual game, Google released a map of the most-searched Super Bowl food recipes per state. Parts of the internet interpreted the map as indicating which Super Bowl foods were most popular in each state.

That conclusion seems most plausible for states like Pennsylvania (chicken wings) or Nebraska (pigs-in-a-blanket), but less so for, say, Alabama (granola bars) or Montana (lentil soup).

Homer Simpson’s paradise

Meanwhile, the people of Utah, God bless them, seem to favor something called “Bacon Wrapped Smokies.”

To paraphrase Homer Simpson: “mmmhhhmmm baaccconnnn.”

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