Study Questions Safety of E-Cigarettes

The safety of e-cigarettes is disputed by a study which has found formaldehyde in e-cig vapors. Researchers at Portland State University have reported that the droplets produced from a simulated vaping experiment resulted in liquids which contained formaldehyde particles. The study has found that the formaldehyde was found in higher concentrations in e-cigs than in conventional cigarettes. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogenic which is found in traditional cigarettes.

“I think this is just one more piece of evidence amid a number of pieces of evidence that e-cigarettes are not absolutely safe” said David Peyton, co-author on the study.

Representatives from the e-cigarette industry have rejected the conclusions of the experiment, saying that the method followed for stimulating vaping was not a realistic representation of the way consumers use their product.

“If you hold the button on an e-cigarette for 100 seconds, you could potentially produce 100 times more formaldehyde than you would ever get from a cigarette. But no human vaper would ever vape at that condition, because within one second their lungs would be incredibly uncomfortable,” said Gregory Conely from the American Vaping Association.


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