Striving for “Made in USA”- White House Announces Executive Actions for Manufacturing Industry

Today, the White House initiates a series of executive actions mean to strengthen US manufacturing. The actions specifically target innovation, ensuring a skilled workforce, and improving the business climate as a whole. A statement by the White House says, the investments of over $300 million supplied by the departments of Defense, Energy and Agriculture, will be matched by private-sector investments. The matched funds will in turn focus on the manufacturing of high-tech materials in the US, limiting the extent to which the US in reliant on foreign supplier for such materials. The three areas of emerging technology to be focused on are composites and bio-based materials, advanced sensors for manufacturing, and digital manufacturing.

The executive actions announced today align with the report’s recommendations by making investments in emerging, cross-cutting manufacturing technologies, training our workforce with the skills for middle-class jobs in manufacturing, and equipping small manufacturers to adopt cutting-edge technologies.”

The Labor Department has also agreed to launch a $100 MN American Apprenticeships Grant Competition in order to attract and develop more skilled workers. The Commerce Department, in turn, is to spend $150 MN in the next five years, spanning ten states, to assist manufacturers adopt and market new technologies. Finally, the National Science Foundation will establish manufacturing “centers of excellence” at university across the country in order to promote university level research to advance manufacturing.

Skeptics of the executive actions point to the failures of the American green energy initiatives, suggesting that just pumping money into an industry does not mean it will succeed. However, many hope the actions will help boost the US manufacturing industry in which may suggest has great potential in the recovering economy.


Read more here- “Obama Plans Executive Actions to Strengthen US Manufacturing,” (Reuters)

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