Statins Probably Don’t Cause Memory Problems, Study Finds

A new Rutgers University study suggests that statins do not cause memory loss, despite higher rates of memory loss reported among patients taking the drugs. The researchers reviewed studies involving nearly one million U.K. patients, half of whom were taking cholesterol-lowering medications of various kinds. Although 0.8 percent of those on statins reported memory loss compared to 0.2 percent of those who were not, there was a similar increase in reported memory loss for patients taking other cholesterol drugs. These drugs work in such different ways that this increase is most likely a result of “detection bias,” said Dr. Brian Strom of Rutgers University.

People who forget their keys may forget their keys either way, but if they’re on a new drug they’re going to blame it on the new drug,

Dr. Strom explained.

The benefits of these drugs are well documented and consumers should not stop taking statins without first consulting a physician. No drug is without risk, but Strom emphasized that

The risk here of a short term memory loss should not enter into the equation of whether or not people should take a statin.


Read more here – “Statins Likely Not Causing Memory Problems,” (Andrew Seaman, Reuters).

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