Starting A New Year at College? These Apps Might Help

As summer winds down and fall approaches, we are in the midst of back-to-school season. Back-to-school shopping lists usually include the basics of books, pens, notepads, and sometimes necessary tech items as well like laptops and chargers. Apps are not usually on everyone’s back-to-school to-do lists. However, some apps have the potential to make college easier, safer, and more fun for students (and give parents some peace of mind, as well). Consumers’ Research has scoured the web for lists of helpful apps for college students.

Productivity and Social Life

This nifty problem-solving app can help students taking engineering, math, and other hard science courses. Shannon Liao at The Verge writes, “This app is the only one you’ll need to solve calculus and physics problems. Whether you’re taking a general requirement, or you’re majoring in engineering, everyone gets stumped on a problem once in a while, and WolframAlpha is there to provide tips when you need them.” WolframAlpha also functions as quick reference guide for various facts and figures.

This popular list-making app is a must for those of us who struggle with getting organized. Users can create multiple lists for any conceivable function, from assignments that need to be completed to travel goals. Users check off tasks as they are completed, and the list automatically updates. Even better – lists can be shared with others who have the app, making group projects (or Spring Break trip planning!) a breeze. The Verge reports that Wunderlist will soon be known as “Microsoft To-Do,” but will have all the same functions.

This app is similar to WolframAlpha in that it serves as a supplement to your classes. Need to brush up on basic concepts or quickly reference something you just learned in a class, but you don’t have your big, heavy textbook with you? Khan Academy is there to help.

This app, beloved by Millennials, promises to forever solve the awkwardness that comes when trying to split a check at dinner or figure out who pays for what on a road trip or vacation. Users can transmit money to their friends quickly and easily (with no fees for a linked checking account, fees are charged if paying with a credit card).


This innovative app allows the user to snap a photo of a suspicious person and automatically uploads those photos. SayCampusLife reports: “SafeSnapp is designed to quickly and reliably turn on and capture photos of your would-be assailant and immediately upload that information to your email, a contact’s email, and SafeSnapp’s servers.”

This app allows users to pre-set six emergency contacts, who can be contacted with a pre-loaded message in the case of an emergency.

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