Sony e-Paper Watch to Bring Fashion Back to Wearable Tech

Sony has officially announced their new watch developed from electronic paper under its subsidiary Fashion Entertainments. The electronic company has created a prototype for what it is calling the Fes Watch. The watch was created with a focus on design. An e-paper background allows users to change the design of the watch face and straps to one of the 24 designs that Sony has developed.

Sony’s watch differs from other wearables which are already on the market or are set to come out in the coming months. The Fes watch does not include the features which are associated with smartwatches. With no apps or LCD features, the Fes is more of a conventional watch with a unique fashion element.

We hid Sony’s name because we wanted to test the real value of the product, whether there will be demand for our concept,” a person involved in the project said.

The prototype was developed using a crowdsourcing project with the hopes of keeping Sony’s involvement a secret. The electronic giant wanted to gage consumer interest and so hatched the plot to keep Sony’s name under wraps. The crowd funding goal was originally 2 million yen, $17,000, but has already raised 3.5 million yen. Sony has not announced a release date for the watch but supporters on the crowdsourcing site will be able to preorder the watches after May next year.


Read more – Who’s Behind the E-paper FES Watch? (Wall Street Journal, Takashi Mochizuki)

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