Solar Jobs Aid Economic Recovery

Solar companies have increased the number of workers they are employing by 22 percent in the US. Currently almost 174,000 people are working in the solar industry, up from 93,000 in 2010 as the industry gains popularity and market shares. While the slump in oil prices, oil producers are cutting costs, some of which are in the number of workers they employ. Solar companies are picking up the slack, currently employing one in every 78 of the 3 million people employed last year.

“These are good, high-paying, high-skilled American jobs,” said Andrea Luecke, president and executive director of the Solar Foundation, a Washington-based non-profit.

The solar industry provides jobs that include systems installations, research, sales, and project development. Continued growth in the solar industry, which is encouraged by price decreases and technological advancements, could significantly contribute to economic recovery in the US. The types of jobs available are not likely to be shipped to foreign nations and require work throughout the US.

“These jobs will never be able to go to China — it’s impossible,” Rive said. “And they’re not just located in specific hubs — like technology in Northern California, entertainment in Southern California, the financial sector in New York. With solar, the jobs are super local, in your community.”


Read More – US Solar Jobs Climb 22% As Clean Power Aid Economic Recovery (Bloomberg Businessweek, Justin Doom)

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