Solar Energy & Storage Poised to Create New Jobs

The Solar Foundation, an organization involved in solar energy research, has released a report detailing the growth of energy storage and its potential impact on the American job market. The paper was introduced last week at Intersolar North America and according to its findings, estimates the creation of approximately 27,000 new jobs in solar and battery storage by 2021.

The 27,000 potential jobs include 9,000 that are linked to the installation of storage units, and 18,000 additional solar installation jobs that would not occur if storage was not available. Residential installations are predicted to create approximately 8,300 storage jobs and 16,600 jobs related to storage-induced photovoltaics (PV), while non-residential installations will account for 600 storage jobs and 1,200 PV jobs.

These estimates reflect the trend of increasing demand for electricity storage in the United States. In 2015, 221 megawatts of energy storage were implemented across the country – a 243 percent increase from 2014.

According to the Solar Foundation’s Executive Director, Andrea Luecke,

Storage technologies are making solar energy even more reliable, while increasing its appeal among consumers. Our preliminary research has found that storage will also have a significant economic impact, creating tens of thousands of new, high-quality solar jobs within the next five years.”

As further encouragement to increase clean energy consumption, Bloomberg recently reported that certain tax incentives may also be applied to energy storage under a bill introduced in the U.S. Senate. To receive the tax credits, three kilowatt-hours of battery storage would have to be installed in residential situations, and a minimum of five kilowatt-hours in commercial scenarios. If these requirements are met, the proposed solar industry tax credits may reimburse as much as 30 percent of installation costs.


Read more here- “27,000 New Jobs by 2021 Due To Solar & Energy Storage (Paper),” (Jake Richardson, Clean Technia)

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