Smart Stove Aid for the Culinarily Inept

Kickstarter launched startup, Meld is looking help home cooks with their newest invention. The Meld Knob and Clip will serve to monitor the heat of cookware and prevent food from burning by automatically changing the temperature of the stove range. The kitchen helper comes with a knob which attaches to the temperature knob on your stove and a clip which attaches to cookware. The invention also comes with an Android and Apple app that allows users to control settings. Meld founders described their product saying:

Our research showed one simple – but fundamental – issue with successful cooking: it’s nearly impossible to accurately control the temperature of your cookware.Even worse, we found that stoves set to ‘medium’ can vary as much as 100 degrees Fahrenheit between different cooktops!”

Meld was founded by several Amazon executives who put the crowd funding site Kickstarter to good use in order to get funding for the product. The Meld Knob and Clip has raised over $75,000 on Kickstarter, beating their funding goal of $50,000 with 30 days of funding still to go. The product designers are projecting delivery of the Knob and Clips to Kickstarter users who have pledged at least $129 by October of this year. The Knob and Clip is expected to work on virtually any gas and electric stove and will have settings for Celsius.


Read More – Meld Smart Stove Knob Stops Your Food From Burning (PCMag, Chloe Albanesius)

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