“Smart Luggage” Promises to Track Your Lost Bags

When flying, there are few things worse than losing your luggage. While some bags may be lost for just a few hours, other can be gone days, still sitting in another country. New technology wants to reduce the stress of that situation, giving travelers a little more control over their belongings.

Jumbo jet developer, Airbus, introduced the concept of “smart luggage” at the Paris Air Show last year. The GPS tracking product developed by the company, called Bag2Go, is embedded in luggage and then transmits its location to travelers and airlines. The product can be tracked using a smartphone app, and is also capable of self-service check in and can weigh it self to ensure it meets airline requirements.

In May AT&T announced similar plans as a part of its “next generation technologies” scheme, envisioning the tracker to be an attachable tag or built into the bags themselves. According to CNNMoney, should your luggage get lost,

The ultimate plan is to for the luggage to work with airlines’ IT systems, contacting the carriers directly and arranging for delivery to your home or hotel.

While the product is still in early stages, both from a development and regulation standpoint, the prospect of having a little most control over one’s luggage is sure to attract consumers.


Read more here- “Smart Luggage Will Text You When it Gets Lost,” (James O’Toole, CNNMoney)

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