Silicon Valley- A Source of Energy Efficient Innovations?

There is no denying that more and more organizations are making the push towards creating energy efficient techonologies. Large scale companies, such as General Electric, have been creating technologies such as wind turbines for some time as part of the move towards more energy efficiency. Not to be left out, smaller Silicon Valley tech companies are now entering the energy efficiency ring. These companies see the energy efficient marketplace as a potential source of profit, and are thus looking for different ways to enter. One of the most effective ways in which they have been able to do so is by implementing new high-tech solutions for the future of consumer energy use. For example, according to the LA Times:

Power companies are tapping databases to profile intensely the energy use of their customers, the way that firms like Target track customer product choices. Google Inc. spent $3.2 billion this year to buy Nest, a firm that makes thermostats that resemble iPhones and are designed to intuit the needs of their owners. Energy regulators are providing seed capital to start-ups building such things as waterless laundry machines.

“There was this notion that energy efficiency would never be sexy, never be something people wanted,” said Ben Bixby, director of energy products at Nest, which has attracted employees from Apple Inc., Google and Tesla Motors Inc. to its base in Palo Alto.

The fact that Silicon Valley is trying to enter the market is beneficial for consumers. Given the track record that Silicon Valley has for innovation, there is a good chance that new energy efficient technologies will be created in the upcoming years. This can not only lead to more sustainable energy choices for the consumer, but potentially lower energy costs as well.
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A rising senior at Colgate University, John is currently working as a research fellow with Consumers' Research.


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