Send a Hand-Written Note…With an App?

Receiving a hand-written note is always a nice gesture – but in the age of smartphones and smartwatches, it has gone by the wayside. Many people just don’t have the time anymore.

However, there’s an app for that.

A service called Felt allows you to design a card or note for all kinds of different occassions, by using your own photos or a predetermined design. It also includes a short message, which users can write on their smartphone screen using their finger or a stylus (similar to the Square payment processing app) or which can be typed in a selection of fonts.

If you want an even more personal touch, Punkpost employs artists to fully handwrite and assemble cards, who the company describes as, “specialized writers who practice good penmanship and enjoy taking the time and care to write other people’s messages.” Punkpost touts that they employ artists who have done work for Kate Spade and others.

Felt offers a first card for free; prices after that include a single card for $3, or an accordion-style card with up to four photos for $6.

Punkpost notes are $6 each, after a free initial card. Extras such as photos (or even the option to fill the envelope with confetti) are available at extra cost.

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