Self-Driving Cars in 20 Years- The Transportation of the Future?

According to a recent article on Wired, a new study has been released that predicts that in 20 years self-driving cars will become the norm. They point out that the cars of the future will no longer require things such as steering wheels and pedals, as all driving will now become automated. According to the article:

The shift to cars without steering wheels and pedals will be revolutionary. It’s one thing to get a driver to let go of the wheel on long highway drives or a boring commute. It’s quite another to put him in a car that he can never drive, even if he wants to.

The change is inevitable, says Alberto Broggi, a professor of computing engineering at the University of Parma and an IEEE fellow. Cars that don’t need human drivers anymore will shed parts made for human control. “There’s nothing you can do about that.” The change will free auto design from the rules that have constrained it for a century. (Only Google has publicly addressed the idea, with a prototype it plans to start testing on public roads this fall.)

If this prediction proves to be true, it will completely change the way in which consumers interact with the automobile marketplace. Without having to control their own vehicles, consumers will probably begin to look for different features to help determine which type of vehicle they would like to purchase. Further, traffic patterns will perhaps become safer as the human error factor associated with driving will be greatly decreased. Thus, though this prediction is not guaranteed, if it turns out to be correct it will undoubtably have a large impact on the American consumer.

Read More- “In 20 Years, Most New Cars Won’t Have Steering Wheels or Pedals” (Alex Davies, Wired)

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