Scandal-Wracked Volkswagen Green Lights Electric Microbus

Earlier this year, the concept for the Volkswagen ID Buzz premiered at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show to much acclaim. Many people took note not only that this is an electric car, but also of the car’s classic design. This concept is similar in style to the Microbus (often known informally in the U.S. as the “VW Bus”), a Volkswagen model produced in the 1950s through the 1970s and widely associated with the 1960s counterculture and “hippie” movement.

With the production of a new electric car, Volkswagen may be making amends to customers and investors for its damaging diesel emissions scandal. In that scandal, VW installed “defeat devices” in millions of cars that allowed them to perform differently in emissions tests than in the real world. Consumers were buying diesel cars that were not as environmentally friendly as they thought, and VW faced a range of negative consequences for their action. This included a $2.8 billion fine in the U.S. as well as criminal charges for VW executives in some countries around the world, and millions paid to consumers for vehicle buybacks along with a definite loss of consumer confidence in the company.

While the ID Buzz is not yet for sale, the concept showcases some impressive features and the company has approved it for eventual production.

Sources: How Volkswagen’s Defeat Devices Worked, Electric Time Machine: VW ID Buzz concept gets production green light, Volkswagen to build the ID Buzz

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