Retailers Copy Amazon’s “Personalized” Shopping Experience has been utilizing technology that tracks the interests of shoppers for many years, and this has become a cornerstone of its online shopping experience. Amazon, which saw a 20 percent increase in sales revenue in each of the last three years, tracks every click and scroll to identify what the consumer is most interested in, so the site’s algorithm can provide individual, product-specific recommendations. Now, other online and in-store retailers are trying to implement a personalized shopping experience of their own.

The accessibility of hundreds or thousands of competing products via online shopping can distract from the individuality of retail brands. Customers are able to quickly sift through websites to find the cheapest deal regardless of who they are buying from. Retailers like Sunglass Hut are investing in learning and image-recognition technology to try and bring clicks and purchases back to their web stores. Salesforce Commerce Cloud Chief Executive Jeff Barnett, who works with many Fortune 500 retailers, dubs web personalization the “Holy Grail,” reports The Wall Street Journal.

Even in-store retailers have found a use for data-driven personalization. SAP SE provides technology that can track a shoppers tendencies as soon as they walk in the door. Firms like Burberry PLC employ this technology to provide a pleasant and convenient shopping experience.

These technologies collect an extensive amount of data, and some might view that as a downside of the online shopping evolution. However, the increased convenience and cheaper prices afforded by online shopping has been a positive attribute of the trend. Tech companies like SAP SE, Salesforce, and Amazon Web Services stand to gain from the increased demand for personalization technology, while consumers can benefit from the convenience that these technologies bring.

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