Restricting Airbnb won’t solve Washington DC’s affordable housing problem

This article was originally published on April 4, 2017, in the Washington Examiner

Last month, D.C. Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie proposed legislation to regulate the homesharing platform Airbnb. This bill would broadly impact the rights of D.C. renters and homeowners to use their private property for extra income and would hurt visitors traveling to the city. The supposed intent of such a bill is to protect the limited housing stock in Washington from commercial exploitation and keep rental prices down.

There is no evidence, however, that more regulation will accomplish these goals, particularly given that Washington currently fails to enforce existing rules designed to curtail the same problems.

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Kyle Burgess is the co-founder of two social enterprises and has worked in strategy, communications, and program management for a decade. Kyle received her Master’s degree in International Relations & Economics from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and her Bachelor's degree in Political Science from American University.



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