“Protecting Consumers in the Digital Currency Economy” presents guiding principles on consumer protection for businesses working with digital currencies and other blockchain-based assets. The document is the culmination of this summer’s Bretton Woods 2016 workshop, hosted by Consumers’ Research, which gathered regulators, legislators, policy-makers, legal experts, and members of the financial services industry.

The guiding principles document:

Over the last few years, federal regulators have been advising the blockchain community to develop a set of best practices to address consumer protection concerns associated with distributed ledgers. That’s exactly what we’ve produced here—the first industry-led, self-regulatory effort in Bitcoin/blockchain, based on conversations and collaboration with an incredible variety of experts.

View the complete guiding principles document below or download here: https://www.scribd.com/document/328743389/BW-2016-Guiding-Principles-Draft-for-Comment

If you’d like to leave feedback on the guiding principles, you can do so here: feedback questionnaire (mobile responsive version)