QuiQui Wants to Deliver Medicine to Your Doorstep

Consumers feeling under the weather in San Francisco may soon get a little help from QuiQui, a startup who’s mission is to deliver medicine to individuals at home, saving the patient a trip to the pharmacy.

You have a headache because you were up late last night and you need an Advil,” [Josh Ziering, founder] envisions. “Open up your phone, and just like your favorite car-sharing application or taxi application, you’re going to drop a pin on a place….You’ll put in your order, one of our technicians will get your order, and we’ll attach it to the drone.”

The company is still in early stages, but Ziering is making strides to push his vision forward. He is currently signing up prospective users (reportedly 600 individuals have already signed up for the service), raising money, and partnering with local pharmacies to also offer prescription deliveries.

The use of drones to deliver products to consumers echoes Amazon’s recent plans to do the same, representing a giant threat to the small start up. Whether or not Ziering’s vision succeeds, it is apparent speed is a highly competitive feature among businesses. This, combined with technological advancements, is bringing us closer and closer to the everyday use of drones.


Read more here- “Meet QuiQui, the Drug Delivering Drone,” (Laurie Degall, CNNMoney)

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