Prospective Amazon Device Reportedly Aims to Read Human Emotions

Amazon is working on a wearable, voice-activated device that is able to read human emotions, according to internal documents reviewed by Bloomberg.

A patent for the device, filed in 2017, says the software analyses vocal patterns and discerns between “joy, anger, sorrow, sadness, fear, disgust, boredom, stress, or other emotional states.” It’s unclear how far along the project is or whether it will be available for commercial use.

The device listens to indicators in one’s voice and may inform users on how to improve their interactions with other people. According to The Verge, technology of this kind isn’t all that improbable, as psychologists have found measurable indicators of certain emotions like agitation and stress.

The team behind the Alexa voice and the Lab126 division, which created the Kindle, are the two divisions within the company working on the device.

Photo by Pexels

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