Press Release: Consumers’ Research Welcomes Professor Tom Miller, Jr. PhD. as Senior Research Fellow


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On December 10, 2020, Consumers’ Research announced that Tom Miller, Jr., a Professor of Finance and inaugural holder of the Jack R. Lee Chair in Financial Institutions and Consumer Finance at Mississippi State University, will be joining the organization as an affiliated Senior Research Fellow.

Will Hild, Consumers’ Research’s Executive Director, released the following statement on the affiliation:

“Professor Miller has a long history with Consumers’ Research, and I am thrilled that he has elected to join us as a Senior Research Fellow. A three-time Bretton Woods Summit participant, Tom is one of the most well-respected voices on consumer finance in the country. Adding his knowledge and experience to the Consumers’ Research team will prove to be a huge asset in our mission as consumer protectors. It also doesn’t hurt that he plays a mean tenor sax.”

Professor Miller is one of the nation’s foremost academic experts on consumer finance. He has published several notable books and papers on small dollar lending and has testified on the need to preserve access to small-dollar lending at the House Committee on Financial Services Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit. He also currently serves on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Academic Research Council.

Professor Miller added:

“This was the perfect time to affiliate with Consumers’ Research. Too often, the top-down, Washington, D.C. approach to regulation leaves the most vulnerable consumers behind. Consumer education is as much a part of consumer protection as regulation. Consumers’ Research is a unique voice in the world of consumer protection, and as a Senior Research Fellow, I am looking forward to helping amplify that voice nationwide.”

About Tom Miller, Jr.:

Tom Miller, Jr. is a Professor of Finance and inaugural holder of the Jack R. Lee Chair in Financial Institutions and Consumer Finance at Mississippi State University. With its focus on Consumer Finance, notably installment credit products, the Lee Chair is the first of its kind. He currently serves as a member of the Academic Research Council at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Professor Miller has several ongoing research projects on various topics in small-dollar loans. His current research now includes projects on payday loans and on small-dollar installment loans.

Miller is a frequent speaker at national conferences and conventions. His overall topics generally focus on the value to consumers of maintaining access to small-dollar credit products, the value of competition in small-dollar credit products, and educating policymakers about how small-dollar credit products work.

Miller has had, and maintains, a long-standing interest in derivative securities and investments. He has published numerous scholarly peer-reviewed articles on various topics in derivative securities. In addition, he is the author of How Do Small-Dollar Nonbank Loans Work? and co-author (with Bradford D. Jordan and Steve Dolvin) of Fundamentals of Investments: Valuation and Management, 9th ed. (McGraw-Hill/Irwin). He is also co-author (with David Dubofsky) of Derivatives: Valuation and Risk Management (Oxford University Press).

Miller received his Ph.D. in finance from the University of Washington (Seattle) and his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in applied economics from Montana State University. In his off hours, he enjoys playing jazz and blues on the tenor saxophone.

About Consumers’ Research:

Consumers’ Research, founded in 1929, is the nation’s oldest consumer organization that seeks to increase the knowledge and understanding of issues, policies, products, and services of concern to consumers. For more information visit:

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