Press Release: Advice for Rebuilding After Hurricane Harvey


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Consumers’ Research Offers Advice for Homeowners Rebuilding After Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey dumped more than 50 inches of rain on the Houston area, causing serious flooding that put thousands out of their homes. Estimates of the cost of the storm range from $50 billion to $190 billion. In any case, the rebuilding process will be expensive and will take a long time. As Houston-area residents repair or rebuild their homes, there are several things they should keep in mind.

  • Flooding and water damage are the principal concerns in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Residents in affected areas must evaluate the integrity of their homes’ electrical systems as well as that of the house itself. Flooring (especially carpets) may have to be replaced altogether.
  • After any large natural disaster, unscrupulous actors may try to move in and exploit the needs of homeowners who need extensive repairs. When searching for a contractor, try to select one who is established in the community (i.e. has been in business locally for a while) and has good reviews or recommendations from their past customers. Be aware of the fair price for the required services. In addition, be careful about partial payments up front (i.e. only pay a reasonable percentage) and avoid paying in full for jobs before they are completed.
  • Even if a builder checks all these boxes, consumers should still be vigilant. Check to see if the contractor is listed with the Better Business Bureau or is recommended by the local homebuilder’s association. Verify whether they are bonded and insured. This can protect the homeowner in the case the contractor does not complete the job or does it incorrectly, and is a sign they are reputable and reliable. Ask for a clearly written contract before agreeing to work, and make sure to read it thoroughly.
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