President Signs Bill to Ensure Consumers’ Freedom to Post Online Reviews

On December 15, the President signed into law the Consumer Review Fairness Act, which will prohibit companies from including clauses in contracts forbidding consumers from posting negative reviews – in some cases providing for harsh penalties against those consumers. The bill was passed by Congress in early December 2016.

The law came about after several well-publicized cases in which a business tried to go after people who wrote unflattering reviews, including a pet sitter in Texas who attempted to sue a couple for $1 million (that lawsuit was dismissed in August 2016). A jeweler in Massachusetts and a Washington-based supplements company have also threatened suits against customers.

The law provides for a $40,000 fine for deceptive practices. The full text can be found here. Read Consumers’ Research coverage on the testimony surrounding the bill here.

Copyright for image: fkdkondmi / 123RF Stock Photo

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