Popularity of Home Energy Storage Growing in Silicon Valley

The San Jose Mercury News reports on a new consumer trend that is becoming increasingly popular in Silicon Valley – storing energy at home. According to the article, a number of residents of the Silicon Valley are installing battery systems into their homes. These systems are designed to store energy from the electric grid, or other sources such as solar panels, to be used at a later time.  This allows for consumers to better monitor their own energy use, as these battery systems are able to store energy for times when it is needed.  The article outlines the following analogy to better explain the system:

“Say you want a pizza,” said Katherine Hamilton, policy director of the Energy Storage Association, the industry’s leading trade group. “You can make a pizza from scratch. You can order one on the phone to be delivered. Or you can pull a frozen pizza out of the freezer. Energy storage is kind of like pizza from the freezer. It’s there when you want it, and you don’t have to wait for it.”

This new technology provides an interesting opportunity to consumers. It allows the consumer to turn their home into their own energy station, providing increased flexibility to decide when they want to use energy and when they do not. If this technology spreads, it can provide an interesting new dimension to home energy use for the consumer.

Read the Original Article- “Energy storage: The hot new thing in Silicon Valley” (Dana Hull, San Jose Mercury News)

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