Pixel Picks Up While Samsung Shuts down

Tech publications began reviewing Google’s newest phone, the Pixel, last week. These outlets describe the Pixel as incorporating the positive features of Android phones, and none of the negative ones. Its standout specifications include 4GB of RAM, a 5-inch 1080p screen, and up to 128GB of storage.

Google designed both the hardware and the software of the Pixel, which is an especially important aspect of the phone. This has allowed Google to fit all its components together in the most efficient and effective form. Starting at $649.00, the Pixel may prove a high-quality competitor to the new iPhone 7, which has sparked some controversy over its lack of a headphone jack.

On the other end of the Android ecosystem, Samsung officially ended production of the Note 7 smartphone and issued a full recall on October 11, after issues with the battery overheating and catching fire. The outlook for the Note 7 was bleak after a replacement phone caught fire on a Southwest flight and the FAA warned passengers not to turn their device on during takeoff.

The Note 7 was competitive with the iPhone before battery issues brought it off the market. The Pixel is now the premier alternative to the smartphone giant and could be a go-to choice for Android fans looking for a new phone.

Samsung published the full details of the recall on their website.

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