Panasonic Creates an 8k Camera

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Panasonic has announced it will release the first camera to contain an 8K “organic sensor.”

According to Panasonic, the AK-SHB810’s technology will give the camera better dynamic range and better sensitivity to dim light compared to regular cameras with CMOS sensors.

While CMOS sensors have only one layer of photosensors, organic sensors possess two — an organic photoconductive film and a separate circuit, allowing for better noise cancellation and greater light-gathering capabilities. In effect, this pairing enables photographers to take clearer pictures in high-contrast situations — for example, a scene that includes bright sun and dark shade.

The camera also uses a global shutter that captures the entire shot at once. This type of shutter eliminates the distortion problems sometimes caused by a rolling shutter, which captures each image in a “linear wipe” motion. Some rolling shutter images taken of or from objects in motion — like propellers or moving vehicles — result in the so-called “jello” effect (a stretching of the moving objects).

Panasonic plans to begin selling the AK-SHB810 next fall. It has not yet released prices.


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