Over 100,000 Merchants Worldwide Accept Bitcoin

Tuesday, payments platform Adyen has agreed to integrate with Bitpay, the leading payment processor for bitcoin. The announcement prompts possibilities of acceptance of bitcoin across a large number of significant merchants, of which include Facebook, Spotify, and Ryanair. Currently, over 3,500 merchants report using Adyen to process transactions. The Amsterdam-based platform supports 180 currencies and over 250 payment methods.

Tony Gallippi, Bitpay’s founder, wrote,

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Adyen, a global payment company which processed over $25 billion in transactions last year… This partnership will give some of the biggest companies in the world the ability to begin accepting bitcoin payments.”

Adyen’s decision to partner with Bitpay reflects a growing interest in bitcoin among consumers. Chief commercial officer of Adyen, Roelant Prins, says,

Interest in bitcoin continues to grow among merchants… And as a business focused on merchant needs, we are excited to give merchants the ability to securely accept bitcoin payments.”

The news of the Adyen-Bitpay partnership comes at the same time as the number of retailers accepting bitcoin has surpassed 100,000. Despite the drop in the price of bitcoin in the last year, merchant adoption has continued. Some major players include Microsoft, Dell, PayPal and Wikipedia. Furthermore, data for 2014 indicate that the number of bitcoin users is increasing at a faster rate than the amount being traded.


Read more here- “Bitcoin Now Accepted by 100,000 Merchants Worldwide,” (Anthony Cuthbertson, IBTimes)

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