Orange You Sad Juice Sales Are Low?

Orange juice has been a traditional staple of the American breakfast since the 1970’s. While it remains the most popular juice, sales of popular brands Tropicana and Minute Maid are waning. Industry analysts have attributed this trend to the increase in beverage choice as well as a consumer aversion to high sugar content. Other challenges faced by the industry this year include a low global harvest last year. The primary orange producers are Florida and Brazil. Brazil growers had an especially bad year due to high temperatures and drought during the growing season.

According to a report by Companies and Markets,

Prices of frozen concentrated orange juice have been particularly volatile in the last month, during which time they have shown swings of over 20%. The downswing had begun because initial scepticism had declined thanks to the very favourable weather conditions, meaning that the 2014/15 orange crop was expected to see a slight recovery after two years of falling US production. The previous year’s crop had dwindled to its lowest level since 1985 as a result of the citrus greening disease.”

In an attempt to win over consumers, the Florida Department of Citrus plans to release a comic book to U.S. public schools featuring Captain Citrus.


Read more here- “Orange-Juice Drinkers Vanish in Sign US Rout Not Over,” (Luzi Ann Javier and Marvin G. Perez, Bloomberg)

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