Opioid Antidote is Now Sold Over the Counter

The opioid crisis has risen to epic proportions in the United States. Officials are searching for ways to combat the spread of these substances, as well as save the lives of those who are addicted to it. In an effort to fight back against he opioid epidemic ravaging the country, regulators have decided to put enable a life saving drug to be sold over the counter.

Narcan, which is also known as naloxone, can provide life saving treatment to those who overdose on opioids and heroin. While it is more commonly used by police and trained medical professionals, everyday citizens will now be able to get it easily. No previous registration or training is required for purchasing Narcan, all anyone has to do is go into their local pharmacy and ask for it. The treatment can be introduced into the body in two ways, the first being through nasal spray and also through the muscles, similar to how those with peanut allergies use an EpiPen. While Narcan can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, officials have said it is paramount that people still call 911 so sufferers can receive further medical treatment.

Currently, there is no information on whether over the counter Narcan is covered by insurance across the country. However, the city of Baltimore stated that those who have Medicaid would be able to receive two doses of Narcan for $1, while those with private insurance would have co-pays of $10 to $40. Narcan is being sold for a price of $150, which can be particularly pricey for an over the counter medication. However, for the treatment it provides, Narcan is well worth the money. By allowing people unrestricted access to Narcan, officials are hoping they have taken the right steps to help people save lives.

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