Newest in Tech: A Glimpse of the Consumers’ Electronics Show

Hundreds of tech industry giants and independent start-ups exhibited their latest creations at this years International Consumers’ Electronics Show, January 6 through 9 in Las Vegas, Nevada. In attendance were representatives from major motor companies, health and fitness giants, and your standard tech firms from the US and abroad.

Notable products include the Eye Tracker, made by the Danish tech firm Eye Tribe, which is designed to allow users to operate personal computers with the direction of their gaze. The new product could be integrated into new models of laptops and tablets in the near future. Tech developers Hoyos Labs also presented the 1U app which uses facial recognition software to allow users to access protected content, like email or bank accounts, without a password. The software scans allows users to access information by scanning their faces and cannot be fooled by a picture.

Car companies made a stir introducing automated features to their newest models. Mercedes introduced the F015 Luxury In Motion, the latest in self-driving cars, and BMW produced models with 360 degree collision avoidance and parking assistance. Fitness giants like Under Armour and Adidas also made appearances. Under Armour introduced UARecord, a health tracking software meant to operate with the help of wearable tech.


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