New Tricks for Digital Dating’s Kingpin

Tinder just got a Boomerang-style loop feature: two-second GIFs play forward and backward on an infinite loop. iPhone owners in the U.S., Western Europe, and some countries in Asia and the Middle East will be able to enjoy two seconds of pure cringe coming straight at them. Will the latest trend be cliché winks, cart-wheels, awkward flailing disguised as “dancing,” or worse? Guess we’ll soon find out. Alongside this new feature, Tinder is also allowing users to add three additional photos or GIFs, giving users a total of nine available slots.

In other Tinder-related news, the app has officially announced that they are testing a new feature called Places. Currently only available in Australia and Chile, Places allows you to match with other users based on places you’ve both been, such as a quirky coffee shop, dog park, bike trail, or restaurant.

Powered by Foursquare’s mapping technology, Places will only show public spaces and will exclude your workplace, banks, and that pesky doctor’s visit. Similarly, users can toggle with its settings to stop being included in certain places, correct incorrect tags, and block certain spots from showing up altogether (for those truly alone-time spots you want absolutely no one to know about).

To further protect your privacy and safety, Tinder will only include locations you have left at least 30 minutes prior to prevent a local stalker from popping in on you. Places will be opt-in and operate on a separate screen from the classic swipe. Older location visits will automatically be deleted after 28 days, and users will encounter faces within Places not previously seen in classic mode.

It’s unclear whether Places will be popular. It could help you make a connection with the cutie at the eclectic bookstore you never worked up the nerve to talk to, or it could inform your creepy coworker which bar to frequent if they want to “bump into” you.

Places could be a game changer for the hopeless romantic or newbie stalker.

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