New Trends in Valentine’s Flowers

Red roses may now be passé, according to a bundle of flower-delivery start ups.

Traditional flowers, delivered by traditional sites and services, are no longer hip. Now, the focus is on unusual arrangements as well as the “local” factor that is so prevalent in today’s restaurants and other businesses. BloomNation’s tagline is: “Unique Blooms That Are Always Hand Delivered And Always Local.” The Bouqs offers 94 arrangements for Valentine’s Day delivery (many of which are sold out), and only three of those are traditional red roses. Besides arrangements of roses in multiple colors, they also sell species and plants not normally considered for Valentine’s Day: freesia, carnations, lillies, and others. FarmGirl Flowers’ bouquets include decorative kale and eucalyptus.

Some companies are keeping the old ways alive, but with a twist. These are the “luxury” rose companies, such as Roseshire, where you can get an arrangement of red roses starting at $179 for two dozen (going up to $279 for four dozen) or Landeau, which offers 25 roses for $239 (and only ships within Manhattan). Traditional flower website also gets in on the action, offering 100 roses for $584.99 (this price does include a vase).

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