New Holo App Offers Framework for an AR Future

One of the most cutting edge products unveiled during the WWDC 2017 conference included the future Augmented Reality component, ARKit, for iOS 11 operating systems in the upcoming versions of the iPhone and iPad. ARKit merges digital objects with the user’s environment, superimposing digital images onto the real world. Created by the Los Angeles based start-up, 8i, the recently released Holo app offers a teaser for this upcoming built-in software feature. “On a mission to enable the evolution of media and human communication,” as its website asserts, Holo allows its users to incorporate holograms – 3D characters of animals or people – into the surroundings and capture a photo or video.

Critics might note the app’s over-simplistic nature. The images cannot interact with its environment as the app cannot map or remember the surroundings. Unable to recognize obstacles in reality, such as walls, that may block view of an object, this app cannot function under various circumstances. Overall, however, many see this as the framework for future augmented reality software and apps. With Holo, iOS 10 and Android 5.0 (and later) users can now test out Augmented Reality, instead of waiting for iOS 11’s release.

Read more here – “The Holo app is a tease of what’s to come with AR on the iPhone,” (Sean O’Kane, The Verge)

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