New Battery May Eliminate Explosion Risks

Researchers from Tufts University confirmed the ongoing development of a new battery that not only will provide extended life for smartphones, but also eliminates the risk of explosions.

Currently, devices are powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which contain highly flammable liquid, and if at any point the battery is damaged it can lead to an explosion. Some of the dangers of this type of battery were revealed in 2016 when Samsung issued a recall for its Galaxy Note 7 due to “battery issues.”

The introduction of this new battery may lead to a safer way for consumers to utilize their devices, and provides a solution to the issues raised by Samsung’s recall. Additionally, the new battery will “double the [battery] capacity” of current technologies” so that consumers can use their handheld devices for twice the amount of time, as battery life is an issue consistently cited by consumers.

Though further testing and development is required to determine if the batteries could be manufactured on a massive scale, head researcher Mike Zimmerman and his team are “confident they’ll be able to leap the remaining hurdles.”

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