More Chicken Recalled Due to Salmonella Concerns

The poultry company Foster Farms has issued yet another recall for chicken that has been linked to possible cases of salmonella. The recall is for chicken products that were produced in March, yet could still be in consumers’ freezers. According to the Wall St. Journal:

Foster Farms, based in Livingston, Calif., said the recall affects 170 products sold in 11 states under its own brand as well as store brands for grocers including Kroger Co. and Safeway Inc.. The fresh chicken products generally have “use or freeze by” dates no later than March 31. However, the USDA said officials are concerned that the product could still be in consumers’ freezers and urged them to check.

This is not the first time that Foster Farms has had to recall chicken that was linked to Salmonella outbreaks. In fact, Consumers’ Research covered the same issue a few weeks ago, outlining the fact that Foster Farms has had a track record of releasing possibly contaminated product to the general public. This is quite concerning to consumers, especially as consumers have very little control over the safety of these products when they are made.

Instead, consumers need to be vigilant to ensure that the products they are eating are not tainted. It is recommended that if consumers have chicken products in their freezer that they check the date/manufacturer to ensure that it has not been recalled. A list of recalled Foster Farms products can be found here

Consumers’ Research will continue to cover issues such as these to help consumers be more aware of the recalls that can affect them.

Read More- “Foster Farms Recalls Chicken Tied to Salmonella Outbreak” (Kelsey Gee, The Wall St. Journal)

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