Mobile Health Monitoring- A Growing Trend

Healthcare is becoming increasingly proactive with a number of consumers taking it upon themselves to monitor their own healthcare. This has been aided by the continuous increase of mobile devices into our daily lives.  A recent article on Business Insider looks at this growing trend, and outlines different ways in which mobile technologies are improving to better allow consumers the ability to monitor their own health. The following is a summary of their arguments:

  • Mobile usage has become extremely prevalent as the majority of adults carry or are near their mobile device at most points of the day. This allows mobile health monitoring to be available to the multitude of people who use mobile technology on a day-to-day basis.
  • There has been an influx of health related apps into the mobile marketplace; making it so that consumers have an increased choice in the apps with wich they can monitor their own health.
  • Advances in the location aspects of mobile technologies have also benefited healthcare. Newer technologies, such as indoor proximity systems, will allow for medical data to be directly transferred via mobile from patient to doctor as soon as the patient enters the doctor’s office.
  • Increased personalization on mobile devices has made it so that consumers are able to input their own likes and dislikes into health monitoring systems. This has the potential to make it so that those who dislike a trip to the doctor are able to receive the health information they require (pulse, blood pressure, etc.) without the stress of a doctors visit.
  • A further innovation that has helped lead to the popularity of mobile health monitoring is the increase in the amount of wearable technology. Devices such as smart watches are becoming more and more widely used. These technologies have the ability to continually track health information, giving consumers a better understanding of their overall daily health.
  • Video has become a part of our daily lives. This has allowed for health information to be provided to the consumers in an efficient and enjoyable manner.
  • The increase in the ability and prevalence of big data is also beneficial for the world of mobile health. These systems are able to collect more data than ever before, allowing doctors to use this data to make better decisions regarding patient issues.
  • The increasing popularity of electronic health records has also had an impact on mobile health care. The ability of health information to be transmitted via mobile has allowed for better communication between various providers. This helps ensure patient safety as it allows for doctors to have a complete outline of a patient’s health before prescribing medication, etc.
  • There has also been an influx of tech and health companies into the world of mobile health monitoring. This has the potential to offer consumers increased choice in these technologies in the future.
  • Finally, as there has been an increase in the popularity of health monitoring, mobile companies are becoming more and more involved with the idea. This has made it so that mobile companies are continuing to develop newer screens, and other forms of technology, to better monitor different facets of their consumers’ health.

These are just some of the various ways in which mobile technologies are continuing to change the face of personal health. With major companies such as Apple (read more here) entering into the market, it appears that the trend of mobile health monitoring will continue to expand in the future. This offers a very interesting opportunity to consumers, as it will allow them further understanding and control over their own healthcare. This has the potential to change the way in which a consumer’s health is monitored and treated in the future.

Read more here- “How Mobile Became Mighty In Healthcare” (Chris Duffey and Katie Erbs, The Guardian)

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