Microsoft Gearing Up With Wearable Tech

Microsoft is expected to announce its new wearable tech some time in the next few weeks. The company is gearing up to launch a smart watch ahead of this years holiday season, edging out the Apple watch by a few months and standing to gain a large piece of what is expected to be a very lucrative market. The new Microsoft watch is speculated to have features comparable to the Apple watch and other smart watches with passive heart monitoring and cross platform connectivity. The smart watch is also expected to be compatible with iPhones, Windows phones, and Android devices.

Microsoft is wandering into barely trod upon territory with this foray into wearable tech, yet plenty of competitors are already working at full force. Samsung and Motorola have already released smart watches while Apple is working towards the early 2015 launch of Apple Watch. These companies will be fighting it out for what is expected to be a $7.1 billion market in wearable tech. Microsoft may find a way to edge out the competition thanks to the advanced battery life projected for its version of the smart watch. The Microsoft watch will have a battery life of more than two days trumping existing models, like the Moto 360 by Motorola or the Galaxy Gear by Samsung, and the forthcoming Apple Watch, all of which generally require nightly charging. Compatibility with mobile platforms other than Windows phones places the new watch in a good place to compete with the upcoming Apple Watch which will be compatible with iOS devices only. While the Microsoft watch looks promising, the retail price of the new device is unknown. The play for dominance in the wearable tech market will likely be decided by what consumers find most appealing as well as future implications of the devices, especially in the realm of health monitoring.

Microsoft’s legacy in machine learning through Microsoft Research could also point to a future business model for a health-tracking device — that is, if it chooses to exploit its close ties with enterprise customers.”


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