Mercedes Hit With Diesel Lawsuit

A group of Mercedes-Benz owners filed suit against the German automaker Friday, alleging that it installed a “defeat device” similar to those employed by Volkswagen, in their BlueTEC diesel-powered models.

The suit claims:

Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC’s (Mercedes) so called “Clean Diesel” vehicles emit far more pollution on the road than in lab tests and that these vehicles exceed federal and state emission standards. Real world testing has recently revealed that these vehicles emit dangerous oxides of nitrogen (NOx) at levels many times higher than the United States Environmental Protection Agency permits. The Mercedes “Clean Diesel” turns out to be far from “clean.”

The plaintiffs took issue with Mercedes’ characterizing their BlueTEC models as environmentally-friendly, describing taglines such as “the world’s cleanest and most advanced diesel” as “deceptive and false.”

The firm bringing the suit, Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, also filed class action suits against Volkswagen on the part of owners and dealers who have alleged fraud relating to that company’s diesel scandal.

The full complaint may be found here.

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