Mercedes Facing Lawsuit Over Diesel Emissions

Add Mercedes to the growing list of car companies accused of manipulating the emissions of its diesel powered models.

The German automaker has been accused of including a device in their “Bluetec” models that violates U.S. emissions standards when the car is run as cooler temperatures. The lawsuit was filed in New Jersey by a Mercedes owner in Illinois who claims he found evidence of the system which results in higher emissions of nitrogen oxide.

Joerg Howe, a spokesman for Mercedes’ parent company Daimler AG, said that the claim was “baseless,” and asserted that “all our vehicles comply with regulatory frameworks, all our vehicles are certified according to the laws.”

The suit was filed by Hagen Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP, which has been involved in the ongoing consumer case against Volkswagen relating to their diesel scandal.

Fiat has been blamed for having higher than normal emissions, as has Opel (a European subsidiary of GM) and Renault (Nissan’s European partner).

Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn has downplayed allegations that Renault vehicles violated emissions rules, saying they “followed the norms” and added, “you can say that anyone is cheating . . . test any other car you will find this kind of things.”

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