Measles Outbreak at Disney

Numerous cases of measles have been linked to the California-based Disneyland and Disney Adventures Parks where five employees have also been infected. The disease has been detected in five states, including California, and Mexico. So far 18 people have been confirmed to have the infection, 12 of which had links to the Disney theme parks. The latest infection struck a 40 year old man from Oregon who contracted the infection after a trip to Disney.

Near by Huntington Beach School has sent home at least 23 unvaccinated students after one student was infected. While California state law requires students be inoculated with the MMR vaccination, which protects against measles, mumps and rubella, students may forgo the immunization with a parental waiver. Disney employees who have had contact with the infection are also being sent home on paid leave and tested for immunity. The company is offering immunizations for unvaccinated employees.

“It is at large in the community now, and particularly infants too young to be immunized, people with other health conditions and, of course, people who aren’t immunized need to be very concerned,” said Orange County Health Agency spokeswoman Deanne Thompson.


Read More – Measles Outbreak Includes At Least 5 Disney Theme Park Employees (CBS/AP)

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