McDonald’s bets on bakery goods bringing back breakfast customers

After an eight-year hiatus, McDonald’s is bringing bakery goods back to its menu.

Starting on Oct. 28, the McCafe bakery will begin selling apple fritters, blueberry muffins, and cinnamon rolls at certain locations throughout the United States. 

McDonald’s VP of brand and menu strategy Linda VanGosen said, “We know our customers deserve a break now more than ever, and are excited to give them another reason to visit their favorite breakfast destination by offering delicious flavors they crave, any time of the day.” 

Breakfast sales at fast-food chains across the country declined earlier this summer as online orders soared. Market analytics firm NPD Group found that morning meal transactions at major fast-food chains fell 18 percent in early June, a significant drop from the past year. 

McDonald’s ended their breakfast menu earlier this summer as franchisees complained that it slowed down kitchen operations and was not a worthwhile return on investment. Shortly after, McDonald’s sales tumbled by 30 percent. 

Customers, looking for an alternative to the McDonald’s breakfast menu, drifted to Wendy’s, which offered customers more items, such as breakfast fried chicken sandwiches and ice cream infused cold brew coffee. 

Some have anticipated that bringing breakfast back – and trying to make it even better – is the company’s latest push to make up for lost profits. 

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinksi, on a July earnings call, echoed a similar sentiment, saying, “As we emerge out of this, I think, part of it is certainly going to be a rededication from a marketing and investment standpoint to go after breakfast.” 

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