LG’s New Fridge Could Change How We Think About Groceries

CES 2017 always has the wackiest, wildest, and weirdest invention concepts in the consumer world. Huge brand names like LG, Samsung, and others compete for the attention of media, investors, and consumers alike as they show off their newest toys.

This year saw some truly spectacular showings like a “smart” garbage can, an automatic laundry folder, a “smart” dog collar, and other things. However, LG finally created a fridge with a 29 inch screen and a myriad of other features that take convenience to a whole new level.

Dubbed the LG Instaview, the fridge’s huge screen allows consumers to take a peek at what’s inside without having to open the doors, as well as order groceries from it via the screen or the built-in Amazon Echo housed inside. Being able to automatically re-order a product as you finish using it or adding it to your shopping list would now be easier than ever and, coupled with the fridge’s considerable space, the Instaview may be a hit.

Though it is priced exceptionally high right now ($4,200) for average consumers, it is worth noting that, as more and more manufacturers and retailers jump on this trend, the cost of making these and other, similar appliances will likely decline, meaning that the price of convenience may be less after all.

Read more about the inventions of CES 2017 here.


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