LG Unveils Paper-thin TV

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, numerous tech and consumer electronics firms made their way to Las Vegas to showcase their latest and greatest innovations. One of the most notable appearances was by Korean tech giant LG, which is most known for its computer peripherals, televisions, appliances, and other consumer-grade electronics. LG unveiled a TV display only 0.15 inches thick, that can be folded and attached to a wall. LG called this ultra-thin display a W7 OLED display.

The 65-inch W7 weighs just 18 pounds. It is not only easily movable but appears to maintain image quality, which is often a concern with extremely thin displays. A separate sound bar provides good sound quality and allows for the display to be literally peeled off the wall and moved.

While the 65-inch version of the display is priced at a very unaffordable $8,000, it is likely that innovations such as these will get cheaper and more efficient as the technology becomes less proprietary and competitors develop their own, as has happened with computers, DVD players, and a myriad of other consumer technologies. LG is currently at the forefront of this area but it is almost a certainty that competitors like Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic will seek to develop their own ultra-thin displays. Over the past few decades the trend has been for higher image quality and thinner panels, and LG has found a way to do both. Only time will tell to see if this particular, paper-thin innovation gains traction, but consumers may take to this new technology enthusiastically, as they have with the ever-thinner smartphones and tablets today.

After all, who wouldn’t want to be able to roll their TV up and move it from room to room?

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