Lego Fuses the Physical and Digital Worlds of Play

Lego has announced the launch of a new real and digital world product called Fusion, designed to give the well-loved building bricks a modern spin. Children (or adult Lego enthusiasts) can build something with the bricks, take a photo of their creation using an Android or iOS device, and the creation then becomes part of a virtual world on that device. Within this virtual world, you can create a town along with characters. Think The Sims©, a virtual game aimed at teens and preteens, meets Legos. The program includes various scenarios- town, medieval defense game, resort designer, and a car racing game. But there is a catch-

You can’t just build with any pieces in your potentially vast Lego trove. Each $35 Fusion kit comes with just over 200 pieces, and those specific pieces are what the apps can recognize. And you are generally creating only the facade of virtual buildings—you don’t build sides or even a top.”

Free demos for the new product will be coming out this summer, but consumers will have no choice but to pay the $35 if they want to join in on the fun. This product is an attempt by Lego company to pull children away from the screens they’ve become accustomed to and inspire them to use their creativity.


Read more here- “Lego’s Fusion Games Merge Real Bricks and Touch-Screen Play,” (Wilson Rothman, The Wall Street Journal)

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