KFC Is Selling a Cheetos Chicken Sandwich

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The Colonel and Chester Cheetah are teaming up to delivers glowing orange chicken sandwiches across the country.

That’s right. Cheetos + Fried Chicken = the KFC Cheetos Sandwich. 

A Song of Cheese and Chicken

The Emptor previous reported on this Very Important story in February, when KFC first announced the sandwich and released it to restaurants in three states. That soft launch apparently went well, and the KFC Cheetos Sandwich will soon be available nationwide starting July 1.

This new sandwich is reportedly a “dangerously cheesy” twist on KFC’s finger lickin’ good chicken filet sandwich, adding in a layer of Cheetos, a special Cheetos sauce, and mayonnaise, all between toasted buns.

‘Out of this World’

Early reviews of what Eater dubbed “KFC’s latest junk food monster” have been positive. Delish called it “out of this world.”

The Thrillist, while generally enthusiastic, described the flavor as “a bit one note.” Reviewer Kat Thompson concluded her assessment offering suggestions on how KFC could take the sandwich up a notch — perhaps by including chile oil, coleslaw, and pickles.

Limited Time Only

Interested? Don’t hesitate too long. KFC’s Cheetos Sandwich will only be available for four weeks. 

Image by KFC.

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