Keystone XL awaits Nebraska ruling

The Nebraska Supreme Court must make a decision on the proposed route of the Keystone XL pipeline. The state’s governor, Dave Heineman, contends the previous ruling made by trial judge Stephanie Stacy that gives authority to the state’s Public Services Commission. Judge Stacy cited the state’s constitution as granting authority to the Commission, but the governor’s legal team argues that the Commission is only granted authority over intrastate pipeline building. The governor has appealed to the state’s Supreme Court to reverse the judge’s order. Should the court agree with Judge Stacy’s decision, the construction of the

Keystone XL pipeline would be delayed indefinitely. The state supreme court will likely delay its decision until after the Nov. 4 elections. According to Bloomberg:

The course of TransCanada Corp. (TRP)’s proposed $5.4 billion Keystone XL pipeline runs through Nebraska’s highest court, which can either speed the project on to U.S. President Barack Obama or delay it indefinitely.“

State advocates against the pipeline contend the foreign corporation’s right to use eminent domain as a means of acquiring the land needed to build the pipeline. These and other advocates also express concerns about the pipeline cutting through the Ogallala aquifer that lies under Nebraska and parts of 7 other states.

The pipeline is estimated to cost Keystone XL’s builder, TransCanada Corp., $5.4 billion dollars, much of which will be spent in US. Labor unions in the state and throughout the nation. Supporters of the pipeline believe that the pipeline will bring many much needed jobs and boost the economies of the US and Canada- its biggest trade partner.

Read more here – Keystone XL Route Runs Through Nebraska Top Court (Andrew Harris, Bloomberg)


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