iPhone X FAQ and Buyer’s Guide

Apple’s iPhone X arrived in stores Friday, November 3. Consumers’ Research has put together a guide to answer some questions consumers may have about the newest iPhone.

How much does it cost?

The new iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone ever. Prices start at $999. According to The New York Times, its higher cost and new features are expected to attract technology enthusiasts with disposable income. The demand is expected to be very high, and due to supply constraints, some customers might not receive their order until next year.

How can you pay for it?

There are many different payment options. Apple will be selling the iPhone X with 64 gigabytes (GB) of storage for $999 and with 256 GB for $1,149. Buyers can pay for the full cost upfront, or the other option is to spread out the payments with a monthly installment plan which does not incur fees. In this case, the 64 GB, $999 phone will be paid off over 24 months for $41.62 a month. Another option is to opt into Apple’s upgrade plan, which allows a consumer to pay a certain amount per month and receive the newest model of iPhone. Finally, shoppers can use their carrier upgrade plan, which allows customers to upgrade to a new phone periodically and pay a discounted price for their new device. Prices vary for carrier upgrades and extra fees may be imposed.

What is the difference between iPhone 8 and iPhone X?

The iPhone X is not the only new device that Apple has recently released. In October, Apple started selling the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, with prices starting at $799. This iPhone is just as fast, as it has the same computing processor as the iPhone X. The biggest difference is the screen: iPhone X has a 5.8-inch screen with an infrared camera system and no home button. The iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch screen and iPhone 8 Plus has a 5.5-inch screen. The iPhone X display is thinner and brighter with a better color accuracy due to the new OLED display. The iPhone 8 still uses an LCD display. One of the most discussed features of iPhone X is the Face ID camera system that unlocks the phone or authorizes mobile payments. iPhone 8 still has front cameras for snapping. Both devices can be charged using a wireless AirPower mat.

What design options are available now?

The iPhone X only comes in Silver or Space Gray. The iPhone 8 is similar to iPhone 7 in terms of design but has an all-new glass case engineered to resist water and dust. The iPhone 8 is also formed from glass, however, iPhone 8  comes in a gold color in addition to the greys and silvers, which is a big plus to many buyers.

Are there any potential problems to be aware of?

A frequently asked question about the new iPhone X is whether the new Face ID system is secure. The new iPhone X’s unlocking system has replaced the fingerprint sensor integrated with the home button, known as Touch ID. The brand new Face ID system unlocks the iPhone X by recognizing your face. Many people argue against this and are skeptical about full privacy. However Apple believes that the probability of bypassing facial recognition with someone else is one in a million. Previous camera system used in other company’s products worked differently and the likelihood of bypassing facial recognition was one in a hundred. If you are turned off by the new unlocking idea, you might want to consider buying iPhone 8 or 8 Plus.

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