iPhone “Chargegate” May Soon Be Resolved

The Apple community lost its mind following the latest iPhone releases—the iPhone XS and XS Max—and then lost it again when many of the products appeared defective.

The issue, broadly referred to as “Chargegate,” involved a significant number of the new iPhones refusing to charge properly. The malfunctioning phones either would not charge unless awakened out of sleep mode or were unable to charge altogether.

With over 6.2 million views, Unbox Therapy’s YouTube video addressing the issue (below) attracted media attention after more than half of the phones tested in the video would not charge properly.

Reports on Tuesday suggested the issue is related to the iOS 12 software update rather than the new hardware. The second developer beta, iOS 12.1, seems to correct the problem.

Video from YouTube.com, Image from Pexels.com.

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