Introducing, The “Autocycle”

Elio Motors, a startup American automaker founded in 2008, has announced the design of its new 3-wheeled vehicle, projected to hit the market in 2015. The two-passenger automobile is described as a hybrid between a motorcycle and a car, promising 84 miles per gallon on the highway, with a sticker price of $6,800. Amenities included in the “auto cycle” (official vehicle name remains unannounced) are three airbags, power windows, an audio system with an iPhone/iPod interface, airconditioning and a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

As a commuter, 93 percent of the time you’re in a car by yourself,” explains Jerome Vassallo, the company’s V.P. of sales. “You’d drive a small car like this to and from the office and leave a larger vehicle parked back home in the driveway for when you need to carry additional passengers or have more cargo room.”

The car is designed to be the second or third car in a family’s fleet of vehicles, meant for the basics. This is not the car that you go on long drives in, or use to visit your parents on the weekend (though it could be), it is the car meant to make the consumer’s dreaded commute a little less burdensome. This vehicle is a further addition to the supply of energy efficient vehicles emerging on the market. Consumers can expect to see further sustainable vehicle developments  as more and more companies attempt to find their place in this competitive market within the auto industry.


Read more here- “The Tiny Three-Wheel Car That Could Be the Next Big Thing,” (Jim Gorzelaney, Forbes)

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